New Story

The human brain especially is oriented towards story. Story is one of the major ways that we organize information in the brain. There seem to be storytelling and story listening circuits in the brain. ~ Andrew Huberman
Like mentioned before, we need to replace the story of ‘More’ by a story of ‘Responsibility’ or something of a similar intent.
Minimally a balance is needed between I (US, UK) and We (China) ~ Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sachs.
This means that a mostly unconscious story has to be un-trained and a new story has to be introduced. That new story will firstly become conscious and then unconscious.
We need to give people experiences about this new story rather than just telling them how it is and will be.
This is perhaps the most crucial activity for SOS. If we don’t get awareness, understanding and acceptance of the new story, all other efforts will fail to achieve their goals.