Brain Upgrades

You can’t solve the planet’s biggest problems without changing the system. But you can’t change the system without changing minds .
"The deepest lever for systemic change is our mindset," Sally Uren (CEO of Forum for the Future) said. "I see too many people wanting to drive systemic change but who are not willing to change their own view of the world, and who are not willing to change what they're doing."
Daniel Kahneman also notes the issue with human minds: “There is going to be massive disruption. The technology is developing very rapidly, possibly exponentially. But people are linear. When linear people are faced with exponential change, they’re not going to be able to adapt to that very easily.”
This means that we need to upgrade our brains from the Industrial Age to the Connection Age. The Fitting In brain operating system is no longer appropriate and need to be replaced with the Flying Out or the Extraordinarian brain operating system (BOS). More details can be found in my book Fitting In, the silent killer of talent - How to unleash and use your uniqueness.
The understanding of the different brain operating systems (drivers of people’s behavior) creates a common denominator for overcoming differences, especially in communications and driving change.
Once you understand that you can’t play video’s on MS-DOS (like Fitting In), you are no longer frustrated or blocked. And if you need more functionalities and speed the upgrading your BOS (to Flying Out or Extraordinarian) is a prerequisite.
Upgrading is a must from both a personal point of view (Most jobs in Fitting In will be taken over by further automation, A.I. and/or robots) and also from a planetary point of view.
Each BOS lives in its own cocoon, its own trance and is separated from the other BOS’es. Like foreigners. They speak different languages, have different cultures, different attitudes toward change. Moving from one to the other is like emigration.
Everyone projects from their respective BOS. Once you are aware of this, change and communication becomes more effective.