The SOS Manifesto

We are Extraordinarians.
We are a group of people who follow their own dreams instead of the dreams of others.
We have stepped away from the conditioning and have thrown away the reins and blinkers. We are free from fitting in.
The establishment is mainly interested in its own financial growth, and they don’t care about the health of other people and the planet. We take responsibility for our society and dismiss the status quo. We know we cannot change the system from within.
We are active contributors not passive consumers, and start at the edge. We care about our lives, the lives of others as well as our flora & fauna.
We work on our brain, body and future fitness.
As Extraordinarians we are no longer dependent on whether the establishment cares about us.
We use our collective intelligence as an innovative force for good.
Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and robots do the ordinary, the standardized work.
We are Extraordinarians, we love to work with uncertainty and make magic happen.
United Uniqueness is our power.
Together, we design and implement radical new ways of learning, living and working.
In an interview on the GZERO World podcast, António Guterres, the United Nations Secretary-General, discusses COVID, climate, the US-China rift, and the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan, and does not mince words when it comes to the dire state of the world. "We are standing at the edge of an abyss," Guterres warns. COVID is "defeating" the global community and a climate catastrophe is all but assured without drastic action. Amidst this unprecedented peril, there remains a startling lack of trust among nations. And yet, there is still hope.
You are that hope!