Join The Dance

According to a new analysis of a 1972 MIT study, we're right on schedule for societal collapse within the 21st century.
Without immediate and drastic intervention, humans face a “ghastly future” -including declining health, climate devastation, tens of millions of environmental migrants and more pandemics.
We must make radical changes in how to learn, live and work to avoid this ghastly future. The consequences are “likely to be much more severe than most people anticipate.”
Many leaders in society, either from government or large multinationals, have no experience in innovation, have other priorities and perceived time constraints.
They are focused on protecting the status-quo, not on disruption.
Therefor it is urgently required that we, the people, take responsibility and action.
We need to drive change – in a coordinated way - from the bottom up.
We do this by addressing the underlying root causes, rather than treating the symptoms.
  • Real economic, social, and environmental change requires changing the operating systems that dominate the world.
  • Real personal change requires re-education.
  • Real innovation requires collaboration and integration.
This a huge challenge and we can do it.
With this document I am starting the dance, hoping to create a ripple effect.
Are you contributing or do you prefer to be asleep and be surprised by the collapse of society?
We can Save Our Society (SOS) if we ignore our ego’s, redesign the core Operating Systems (economic, societal, environmental) and fully collaborate in innovation and re-education initiatives.
Our lives and the lives of future generations depend on it.
You can join the dance by emailing [email protected]