Behavior change doesn’t work because people are still influenced, dominated, and programmed by the industrial age-way of living.
Behavior change can’t work because we are programmed by both industrial age education and industrial age operating systems. As long as these both don’t change there is no breeding ground for real behavior change.
Behavior change of every individual on this planet is needed otherwise the innovations won’t work and people fall back in detrimental, destructive behavior (for both themselves and the planet).
Un-conditioning (brain, body, society) is a prerequisite to enable behavior change and for making innovation work as intended.
We need to replace the focus on preparing people for the Industrial Age with preparing for the Connection Age.
Re-education has two components, un-training (getting rid of unsustainable beliefs and practices) and re-training (learning new skills and behaviors).
Education tells you what to do and tells you what the right answers are. In real life nobody knows what to do and what the right answers are. ~ Tamas Simon


Basically, we need to learn that the resources on earth are limited and that we all globally connected.
For example: no more use of plastics, stop wasting food, travelling less, consumption of what is needed and not as entertainment, treating aging as a disease rather than as a given.


In addition to training people for new jobs, we also need
  • Life skills (ownership, agency, taking initiative, resilience, responsibility, cooperation).
  • Focus on prevention and optimization for health.
  • Basic understanding of emerging technologies (emtech), including cooperation with technology.
  • Using the new economic, environmental, social Operating Systems