Obviously, we need to structure and organize these massive initiatives. Fortunately, there is technology that enables this work, like Blockchain and more broadly Web3, which is based upon decentralization. Movements like Open Source have shown that this work is possible.
United Innovation as well as United Education can be done by:
  • Open Re-Creating Hubs per Global Challenge.
  • A community of folks who are used to challenge the existing order.
  • Building upon existing initiatives like European Startup Nations Alliance
  • A logic as well as a psycho-logic approach. In education and at work/business we are taught to use only logic. Not using or even suppressing emotions. That results in sub-optimal solutions. At the same time, it leads to a huge burst of emotions in people’s private activities. See for example the use of foul language that spectators use in football matches. Or people putting random cars on fire and attack firemen on New Year’s Eve. That focus on logic kills creativity, imagination, magic, beauty. We need to add psycho-logic approaches. See the book Alchemy by Rory Sutherland.
  • You.