Integration of Innovation

With competition as the driving force in the current economic system, there is a lack of coordination and integration That is why progress is slow and talent, time and resources are wasted.
We need to mobilize innovation resources. Instead of working on useless gadgets, toys or games, we need innovations to save our society. We can’t expect government to do their own innovation as they don’t have the right mindset (protecting the status quo).
And it is impossible to look after the store and renovate at the same time.
Innovation of our society requires a holistic perspective.
The urgency of the challenges requires a bundled approach. Both from a content approach (see below the picture as an example) and from a resource point of view. We need to exchange ideas and share resources.
Source: Jefferies
We need a radical disruption by engineers, investors and visionaries to break us through the climate hold we are in. We need immediate solutions–far-out, far-thinking, world-changing solutions. ~ Thomas Kostigen
What areas need priority for innovation?
  • Democracy/governance system
  • Economic operating system
  • Environment operating system
  • Social operating system
  • Education
  • Food, water, housing, energy, transport, climate, and bio gerontology (aging)
  • Personalization of learning, living, working