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You might say that describing the challenges and the things that don’t work is relatively easy. It is also nothing new.
But what can we, as individuals, do about it? We are not part of the government, or part of the C-suite of a multinational.
Do you remember the first paragraph in this black paper? Here it is again.
The Global Challenges are transnational in nature and trans-institutional in solution. They cannot be addressed by any government or institution acting alone. They require collaborative action among governments, international organizations, corporations, universities, NGOs, and creative individuals.
Those ‘creative individuals’ are you and me.
Yes, you, and please don’t say that you are not creative.
We are a bottom-up force of nearly 8 Billion people. We are not powerless. We are strong.
There are so many smart and caring people in this world who can contribute but who are currently not heard, or seen.
Were you (as a citizen) asked to help solve major problems in your city (Corona, housing, traffic, pollution, discrimination)? Would you have loved to contribute?
This SOS initiative calls for those people to unite and take back control, collectively.
The climate cases show that taking ownership and exercising our rights do work.
It is our future that is at stake. We should no longer delegate the care for the future to the traditional leaders in society.
I am not calling for a revolution.
I am calling for ownership, active contribution and claiming our seat at the table (of the decisionmakers).
We are responsible for our own future.
Through this initiative we are mobilizing innovators, educators and other ‘creative persons’ to Recreate Our World.
There’s nothing you can do. You know and I know it. Sorry if that sounds “fatalistic.” But it’s not. In fact, it’s the very opposite.
There really is nothing you can do. Because this is a problem of collective action. All of these — climate change, inequality, hate, ecological collapse, social polarization — they are problems caused by individualism. They cannot be solved by it. They can only be solved collectively.
That is the way — and the only way — the answer lies. It does no good to say: “But I can’t do anything about this!” Precisely, my friend. You can’t. Only we can. We are in it together. When we are not in it together, then they win. The sociopaths and fascists and monsters. The weirdly pedophilic coders who think it’s OK to tell little girls to look and dress like strippers and then they’ll be popular. The authoritarians and theocrats who want to set bounty hunters on women.
These problems of collective action can only be solved by mechanisms that really unite and unify people in great endeavors of collective action. That is where we are failing. We need platforms and apps and organizations and networks and clubs and all kinds of grass roots organizations to challenge and take back power. From those who shouldn’t have it. A bunch of pedophilic coders shouldn’t have the power to tell our little girls to look like strippers, or else they’re worthless as small people. And yet the FTC is right there, shrugging. Nobody is going to take those billions back from the con men who stole them until there is a whole lot more pressure to.
United Innovation & United Education is needed and requires:
  • The design and implementation of new Operating Systems (economic, social, environmental)
  • Re-education to facilitate individual behavior change
  • Integration and coordination of Innovation